Mia, Mia mo Mia, Banana Fana Fo Fia, Mi My Mo MIA!!!

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Just mailed the check for the rent.  Reminds me that it is the beginning of a new month.  The best month if you ask me!  February is a magical month. A month of love (Hallmark), fun (expensive Ski trips), holidays (President’s day…who cares?) and….drumrolllllll.  My birthday!!!  I will be 27.  I am okay with that…mostly.  I would like to hope so.  We are actually going skiing the day after my birthday, on President’s day weekend.  Woohoo!! We’ve accomplished the 4 things February has to offer!  We will also be towing the new, wonderfully delicious member of our family– Mia the Beagle. 

She is quite possibly, the cutest thing known to woman and man.  We picked her up from a pet shop (yes, we know, we should’ve saved a dog from a shelter…but she wasn’t planned) in late November.  Our lives have been turned upside down ever since.  She is presently 4 months of sheer biting terror.  As yummy as she is, I don’t know how much more of the canine to finger contact I can take.  As I write this, however, I realize she is just what we needed.  A little ball of excitement and responsibility that we both have not had in quite some time.  I had forgotten what that felt like.  She wakes me up at all hours, wants to taste everything I have in my hand, scratches the walls, eats the wood panes, chews my boots and slippers and yearns to jump on the bed.  She barks when she wakes up, barks when we get to the door, barks when she is ignored and barks before we put her to bed.  I have not had this little sleep since…I’m not sure. haha.  She makes me want to do more with myself, however.  Being awake longer makes you realize how much time there actually is in the daytime.  An extra hour awake could equal a class in Portuguese 2x a week (hint hint.)  She forces me to be more careful about where I put things, and how I say things, as she can read my tone immediately.  She also forces me to be more aware of the clock. All. day. long.  I know that I cannot stay longer at work because I have to get home to feed her.  I cannot wake up late because then she’ll have to go potty…on my kitchen floor.  She is a wonderful new addition to my life, even if she was meant only to disrupt it. ❤

I would normally use this opportunity to complain about my job.  I could say that it was boring, and tedious, and that, truthfully, you didn’t need to have half a brain to do what I do.  I could say that it was taking up too much of my life, and that I was, at present, losing a multitude of brain cells 9-5, 5 days a week.  I could also say that my life is dropping in value merely because I am trapped by my workplace position. 

I could…

But, all that means is that I wasn’t doing anything about it.  And I don’t like to throw pity parties ;P.

We found a course to learn Portuguese a couple of hours a week here in NY.  It’s pretty inexpensive, and we’re really excited about it.  I need to work on my Spanish as well.  I’m much further on with Spanish than in Portuguese, but I can take the Portuguese classes with FSOMonkey, so that makes it more exciting.  We can teach one another.  We might even make Mia a bilingual puppy haha!

My exam is in 3 days…holy crap. 

Until next time!!! ❤


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I might be a little late but…


Normally, I’d say don’t bother GOD with petty requests, but we needed all the help we can get lol

We went to one of our friends superbowl party in the BX and had a great time. Candypants summed up the night the best in her facebook post lol:

“Wings, authentic Mexican guac, presidentes, sake, tequila shots, 9 foot hero, animal refuge lmao, mopping and mopping and mopping up pee pee, naked M&M’s, thug grandma and baby snatching Doritos, the dictator commercial, best friends and a NY win. I’d say this Superbowl was a good one.”

Good times.

On a more serious note: Candypants takes the FSOT this Saturday! Yikes! … I’m a little nervous for her, but I know she’ll do great. She’s been living and breathing American History, U.S. Government, International Relations, and current events for the past few weeks. There are 3 days left and it’s crunch time now. It’s a good thing she’s trying to get into the FS too because it gives us two chances instead of one per year! =D

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Office Hijinks

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So as you all know… (I say that like anyone is actually reading this stuff lol) I was feeling pretty bummed yesterday. So, before leaving work, I decided to have some fun and play a little prank on one of my coworkers. Although what I did was not as epic as using aluminum foil to cover her whole cube, it was still pretty funny and required much less time and effort. After she left for the day, I turned the contrast on her monitor all the way down to zero making it appear off. This way, when she logs on in the morning, it will look like her monitor went kaput.

So, today I walk in and she’s already arguing with IT regarding their inability to do figure out what’s wrong. Needless to say, I had to resist the urge to burst out laughing! IT wasn’t able to help her over the phone and neither was the Blackberry IT guy that sits next to her. It’s already 11:00am and she still hasn’t gotten it to work – LOL.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “She hasn’t gotten any work done all morning because of your silly prank!?” Wrong! Yes she has because her laptop still works, so she is currently using that lol…

Eventually I’ll tell her lol…….. just not yet.. XD

-Like the caption says sometimes pranking is the only way to stay sane in the office. Therefore, if you’d like to play a good prank on your coworkers without requiring $50 in foil, then this is the prank for you! Have fun!!

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Totally Bummed Out…

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Bummed Out

Totally BUMMED OUT this morning.

It could be a case of the Mondays, or a mixture of that and the fact that exactly one week ago I learned that I did not get an invite to the OA. To be honest, I’ve been bummed out all week, but I’ve been trying to look at the brightside. Not a lot of candidates were invited to the OA this time around due to the down economy and increasing budget constraints. Also, FSOT regulations limit taking the exam to once per year, so I have to wait until October to retake the exam, hopefully pass, decide whether or not to submit the same PNQs, and wait six LONG weeks to see if I get an OA invite… Where’s the brightside?

Well… actually, there is a brightside. Candypants (my wife and other blogger of this site — notice I’m FSOMonkey) is taking the FSOT in February, so hopefully she passes and subsequently gets an OA invite!

[Initially, I wrote a TON for this blog, but most of it was just me rambling on and on about how I felt. Rather than putting it all in one blog, I’d rather write multiple blogs about it. I mean I have until the October FSOT to vent, don’t I? lol … Until then… here’s hoping to winning the Mega Millions or Powerball!]

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I love Introductions. What’s your name again?

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I love September. It reminds me of new beginnings. First day of school. Beginning of Fall. Gateway into the months that suck up all of my time and money. The beautiful weather makes it all worth the trouble. It is currently 55 degrees, bright and sunny. There are tons of tourists around gazing at the sights of the most amazing city in the world. They’re spending tons of cash. There are sales for everything, so I’m wondering if maybe I should begin my Christmas shopping. I’d love to visit the Highline, catch a show, do some shopping, take a nap, meet some friends, have dinner at a new restaurant, sit at the park. I have one small issue. I’m at work. Not just any place of work, the most boring job on earth. I am bored here today, and every day. My brain is turning to mush being here. There is no challenge. “It pays the bills” is just not enough for me anymore, although truthfully, it never has been.

Life never used to be this boring. I had dreams of being overseas negotiating treaties or discussing economic development and social awareness programs with diplomats who shared my desire to help others. Where did that desire run off to? It got lost somewhere between Core classes, gpa requirements and parents who will help you…if you do what they want you to do. I rebelled more than I succeeded, now that I look back. In my angst to piss everyone off, I let myself down somehow. The worst part of it all? Now, after years of trying to be better, I’m sitting at a desk, looking at patent descriptions. Someone shoot me.

Or not. Want to know the greatest thing about life? It changes. Nothing ever stays the same. As Rafiki from the Lion King says, “It’s in the PAST. You can either run from it, or, learn from it.” I choose the latter! Now, on to the good stuff! My husband and I have decided to take the FSOT. YAY! Score one for future! He will be taking it in October of this year, while I am aiming for February. It should be a lucky month since it will be my 26th birthday. Wait…quick math. That doesn’t sound right. 27, it will be my 27th birthday. Do you see the mush I was speaking of earlier? It is taking over my life. Anyway, we are practicing day and night. I’ve probably learned more about the Constitution and the Amendments, Treaties, Acts, Presidents, geography, Wars and whatever other historical occurrences than I ever have, in any other point in my life. Maybe I should be a teacher, and attempt to teach students all of the things they should have learned in school. Perhaps in another lifetime. Until then, I live and breathe the FSOT. Where it will take us, who knows? All I do know is, I will no longer let my boredom get the best of me. I will learn from it.

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Our first blog & post!

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